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Neogistics delivers innovative solutions and consulting services designed to ensure clients gain the most value from their supply chain networks and distribution assets. High inventory levels, climbing distribution costs and other ineffective and inefficient processes plague the moving of product from the warehouse or distribution center to the customer. One solution does not fit all companies.

How does an organization address reducing costs, gaining efficiencies and promoting growth? Neogistics understands the processes, methodologies and solutions for analyzing, evaluating and implementing complex supply chains, distribution networks and logistics information systems. What's more, we build strategic business relationships with leading services and technology companies to provide our clients quantifiable added value. At Neogistics we apply both our practical and theoretical experience in industrial engineering and leverage our consultants' unique experiences with complex logistics decision analysis in their roles as distribution specialists. Better still, since we do not force fit one single solution offering into a client’s solution, we are able to pull from our network of resources to ensure clients receive the best and optimal solutions for their organization.

That means our clients receive specialized logistics decision technologies through services that focus on reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies and enhancing service levels, What do they gain? Tangible and quantifiable results—a real return on investment throughout the environment in which they operate.

Business Alliances & Partners

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Do you need to lower your total delivered cost?
Do you want to maximize your distribution efficiencies?
Are you interested in a quantifiable ROI?

Neogistics is the last mile specialist dedicated to advanced logistics practices to help our clients navigate toward greater supply chain productivity and a better return on their investments of assets. What do we do? We empower our clients to make better distribution decisions and they gain tangible results.

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