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Neogistics helps clients in various industries to align their goals with their strategies and that ensures that strategies and tactics are flexible and adaptive despite constant geopolitical and global economic changes. How do we accomplish this alignment? We base our methodology on the best practices for global supply chains. We analyze your industry, your specific data, and your company objectives; then we determine the best strategy, the optimal solution and the appropriate processes to accomplish successful results through your production, warehouse and distribution.
Neogistics’ services deliver synergistic, aligned supply chain solutions to clients’ core measures, business drivers and business strategy. Rooted in national and global best practices, we meet every client expectation to provide tangible, measurable value. After all, if you cannot see it, you cannot measure it; and if you cannot measure it, you cannot validate your results.

What benefits do clients realize? Operational savings potential for:
     Optimization of assets (20 – 25%)
     Reduction of Transportation Costs (10-15%)
     Optimization of Operational Costs (20-30%)

Clients receive a customized, optimum service level for each of their customers. That process improves the customer experience and improves customer satisfaction. What’s more, Neogistics incorporates its analysis as a database for future evaluations to help you keep current with demand and product share and with your customer requirements.

Let us show you how we provide flexible, adaptive solutions to achieve your goals and objectives, execute those solutions, and provide measurable success.

Experience in over 100 Projects Worldwide
with Fortune 500 Companies
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